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Hi Jason,I cant figure out how to leave a signature at the post bottom. Wild has an elaborate one. I was just wishing to post a saying. If that option is available please tutor me as to how to do.TY andy,angeson
Now we're making a little more beer these days. Not really competition beers but socializing brews.Did amber ale twice in a row. Pilsners 2 times and a strange black lager I named Bloodweiser. The Irish red from May seems to be gaining tasters love. I feel a porter coming on me amigos want some stout come autumn.

I have a question on Lambic brewing and want to submit a question onto the forum (and post 2 images of my brews). After wasting an hour writing the message I couldn't post a new thread as I hadn't posted 15 replies or something. I am new to this site. How do I just post a message/question with my pictures in regards to lambic brewing?
Welcome to the forum FrostByte. Why not post an intro so the rest of the members can welcome you as well.

I'm ready to graduate from homebrewing to opening a brew-on-premise business. Does anyone know where I can buy used equipment?