Your Favourite Commercial Beer?


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I know many of you brew your own beer (and I'm on my way), but what about the commercially available brands - what do you like best?

I'm partial to MGD, and tend to go for Molson M if I need something significantly lighter. I enjoy a Stella or Kieth's every now and then, too.


Depends on the season, venue, and menu.
For a pale ale or stout, I'll look for Deschutes Brews.
I have a favorite for pretty much all of the styles.


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Bud ICE Beer of the blue~orange can is the only kind I've tried that: killed my PMS, killed my pre-dementia, brain fog, etc., got my Cold germs gone right away, made me feel alive, cleaned my teeth off (tarter, everything), killed all headaches in 1 sip; after all, killed all Adrenal Fatigue of mine, helps sleep just right and wake up the best; has no side effects other than: sometimes your bust area may feel like rubber/latex stringy on occasion at the sides. You obviously don't need to worry about hydration too bad with this one; also keeps my hair from falling out at times it normally would with other beers or no beer.