Yeast roll recipes


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We bought some of the best yeast rolls I've ever tasted at a bake sale on Saturday. The woman will not give out here recipe. Is anyone willing to share their best yeast roll recipe here? I'm not talking average. These were exquisite. I want to serve them for Easter lunch.


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I have never had a yeast roll, but I am eager to try them. Check out Allrecipes. I love that site when it comes to finding hte perfect recipe. I like how people leave comments and customize the recipes and they give you tips and hints on how to make the recipe even better.


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I second the All Recipes suggestion. I have actually had yeast rolls with a recipe gotten from that site. Absolutely delicious.


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The best roll I ever tasted was in Austria, called a Semmel roll. If I could find ones that taste like that I'd buy them. I believe the continental rolls from Germany and Austria beat any others!
Oh, biting into a good yeast roll, says my brother, is like biting into a little bit of heaven. He could eat the entire batch when we have them at the holidays. For anyone who has never had one, you cannot go to your grave without trying them.


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These were the best dinner rolls I've ever made- so fluffy and soft, with just the right amount of sweetness


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We have a restaurant called Logan's Roadhouse that serves the most delicious yeast rolls. We have a hard time eating just one when we go. I would love to make them at home. I wonder if there is a copycat recipe somewhere?