Wine tour vacation


We're thinking of taking a wine tour as part of our upcoming vacation this fall. There are many Sonoma Valley wineries and an abundance of great-sounding tours. This is making it hard to decide what to book - have you been on an exceptionally great wine tour out there that you can recommend?
No but it does sound like my kind of vacation. Do let us know what you book and what kind of good time you had. I've visited several wineries for tastings but never a wine vacation. Sounds like fun.


I do know that it's a particularly beautiful area and you can't go wrong no matter what you end up doing. California has really placed itself on the map with their high quality wineries.


I have been on a couple of wine tours here in Western New York. They were a lot of fun. I've never been on one outside of this area though. Have you done your research? You can find out so much information online now.