Wine for church group


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I know it's a different sort of question, but here goes. We are having five couples from our church over for dinner in April. We're having a wonderful, rich cream-based she-crab soup and some type of beef. What kind of wine should I serve? We've been with these couples before in their homes, and they all drink wine. I've never paid attention to who drank what. We almost never keep wine in the house, so what should I buy? I want to have a variety, but not overdo it. Thanks. Specific brands are welcome.
What would be the harm in asking your guests before they come over which type of wine they'd prefer? You could get opinions all around about which alcohol will best complement your meal, but that's no guarantee that your friends will actually like it. So I encourage you to conduct an informal poll among your friends (call or e-mail).


That's a good idea, brewingbeauty. I wondered the same thing about a group I was having over. I also had a chance to sneak a look at the bottles the guests were bringing to another dinner. I learned what white wines and a couple of red ones they drink. I watched them pour and kept an eye out to see if they went back for seconds. Then I knew what to buy.


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Asking is always the first option. The second option is to have 3 fairly popular white wines on hand. Dry, semi dry and sweet. I prefer a semi dry but others may like the sweet. White with seafood and red with beef. If they won't tell you than ask someone who knows about wines. Online would be a good place to start. Good luck with your dinner party.