Where do you get grapes?


So I was thinking about doing my own wine but I'm not sure where to get the grapes. Do you order them from a wholesaler or something? I'm not looking to order a pallet or anything.


We have our own grapevines out back. The previous owners planted them. They made wine every year. I love grapes so I was pretty excited when I saw them. You could always look at farmers markets for them.


This time of year you would probably be best off by getting them from the farmers market. How lucky for you Melli! How many years do they have to grow before you can start getting grapes off of them?


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How hard is it to setup a grapevine? We thought about this not just for wine but for the grapes too. It is one of those tings that comes into the house and goes out of it within a day or so, having a full supply would be great.