When will they ripen?

I have quite a collection of tomatoes growing in the garden. I am getting just a little concerned, however, because none of them have ripened yet. I could just be a bit impatient, but I really want to start canning some of my yields. How long does it take for roma tomatoes to ripen? Would there be anything that would prevent them from ripening?


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Have you been paying attention the the temperatures? I know this is something people in our area sometimes forget about, I hear my sister non-stop talking about it. I am not a big tomato fan but I still hear about it, maybe that is the issue?
I didn't think of that. The temperatures now actually aren't as extreme as they were last year, but we did have a lot of rain. I'll trying ripening some inside the house and see what happens.
It is still a bit early for tomatoes to be ripe in my area. I would say give it another few weeks. If it is too hot they won't ripen either. I would just pull some off if you want to, because fruits continue to ripen off the vine.


Be thankful because we don't even have tomatoes yet. The sun is what will make the tomatoes ripe. Is it really sunny? If it is they should be turning red soon.
We get a lot of sun, but it was raining a lot about a week or so ago, and the sun was taking a nap while our area met with the threat of flooding. I've set some tomatoes out on the window sill, so maybe they will ripen that way.


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I am not sure about others but we had a few spells of dry, cold, hot and then the same but always in another order. It has been bad for some of the green thumbs in our area. Anyone lose part of the garden this year?
Try side dressing with a small handfull of bone meal and 5-10-5 fertilizer. could help a lot...
I took your advice, and my father also added lime to the soil. The tomatoes are finally ripening, and now we are making sauces like crazy! Thank you for giving such awesome advice.