What's the oldest grain anyone's used?

All Grain

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I haven't brewed for 3 1/2 years now- long story you may hear some day. I have about 20 pounds of grain sitting around - pale malt of formerly good quality. It's been dry and mostly cool.

Anyone used something like that? and what kind of results did you get?


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I would try doing a small batch first and seeing how it turns out.


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The first time I started training on how to brew beers, barley grain was used. Now it is all-grain wheat that we are using to brew batches of beer.


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You might want to check and see how long it actually "keeps". You may have stored it ok, but it may have lost some of it's flavor.


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Check it for mold and fungus. And if the endosperm are rotting out it should be good. If you get some funky smells coming off it when you mill the grain down I would probably not use it.

It's probably crawling with beer spoilers. Make sure you mill it far away from anything. And have a good long boil and best practices on sanitation.


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All I know is this, if I found some old grain preserved in an Egyptian pyramid, and it seemed alright, I would make bear out of it! Anyhow, Lojikal has some really good points about the mold and fungus issues.


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I would also suggest trying out using a small portion just to see what results. There is no harm in trying anyway and my guess is that the grain was well-stored.


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Since you are starting all over again, why not start fresh? Then you know you first product will be delicious instead of potentially spoiled. Just a thought.


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This is a whole new area of the forum I've not yet explored. I think it's fascinating to read about all of your efforts and successes making your own brews. Mostly I've used yeast in breads and such, but I've never made a yeast or fermented drink.