singha recipe?


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I just brewed what I think should turn out like a singha (malt liquor strength). I remember a few years back drinking this beer at around 7.2% alcohol, but now it is only 6.0%. I miss the original malt liquor version, so this is what I came up with (7 gal all grain @ 85 % efficiency):

14 lb German Pilsner
2 lb Sushi Rice
3oz 4% AA Saaz
White Labs American Lager yeast

I did a modified double decoction mash as follows: Rince rice and soak for 1 hour in 8 qts of water, heat to 165F and add 3 lb crushed malt, rest at 158F for 30 minutes then raise to a boil for 20 minutes (cooking rice). Meanwhile add rest of malt to 5 gals of water at 122F for 20 minutes, add cooked rice mixture to raise total mash to 146F. Pull thick decoction of 4 gals and raise to 158F for 20 minutes, then bring to boil for 30 minutes and add back to main mash (now at 156F), rest for 30 minutes, raise to 170F and sparge with 10 qts. FWH hops in kettle and collect around 8.5 gals at start of boil, then boil for 90 minutes to finish with 7 gals. Cool to 60F and pitch BIG yeast starter, drop over 24 hours to 48F and ferment in primary for two weeks. Rack to glass secondary and lager close to 32F for 6 weeks, prime and bottle condition at 55F for 4 weeks.

OG was 1.076 with a light straw color around 3 SRM. Bitterness is around 25-28 IBU (I had Saaz on hand, but better to use German noble hops). It should end up at 7.2% ABV when done.

I'll post tasting notes along the way, but it won't be officially ready until Thanksgiving :)


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Racked this last night after 16 days primary. It was very hazy (from yeast) and not quite attenuated with a gravity of just over 1.020.

Taste wise it was pretty good, but nothing like a singha! It came over more like a 'double' Bohemian Pilsner; nice balance towards sweet malt with a moderate Saaz flavor. It needs to dry out a little and will require 8-10 weeks in secondary to drop bright.

To get closer to a singha, I would double the rice (12 lbs malt, 4 lb rice), use German hops (eg.. Hallertau) and a dryer Pilsner yeast (eg. Wyeast 2007 or 2042).


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Three weeks in the secondary and its dropped bright. I gave it the first two weeks at 54/55F to finish fermentaion; there was a lot of suspended yeast that has now settled. It was a little sweet when I racked it, but now it should be much dryer. I dropped it to 34F a week ago and will give it another 4 or 5 weeks to lager.


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Bottled this last night after 58 days of lagering. Tastes pretty good; dryer and more ballenced than it was after primary. It is closer to the taste of singha now, the only difference is the hops (saaz), but the ballence is about right. The only other thing I picked up was a slight alcohol roughness due to it still being a bit young. It needs another 2-3 months lagering to melow out (once it is conditioned). I imagine this beer should last at least a year, hitting its best in about 6-9 months.. just in time for summer :cool:


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