Pumpkin Alcohol


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My friend was telling me that she saw some pumpkin-flavored beer or cider at the store. Any idea how this stuff is? I'm intrigued but a little worried about spending a lot of money on it.


Good luck. There are several breweries around the nation that have a pumpkin beer in their fall seasonal list. Some use pumpkin while others use all spice. If you have a store that sells singles, that will be the best way to sample a few and select the one that thrills you the most.


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I believe, there is a seasonal brew called pumpkin spice, made by Blue Moon. Blue moon is a pretty good beer, so check your store for it.


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I have tried the Blue Moon pumpkin beer, and it is okay. For some reason, I thought it would have a more spicy/pumpkin flavor, but it did not. I would love a brew that had a bit more flavor to it. Maybe, someone could suggest something better.


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Blue Moon has one. Shipyard has/had one. I cannot find it this year and it was one of the better ones I've tried. There was an expensive one, around $15 for a 4 pack here. Worst one I ever had, no pumpkin flavor at all either. I cannot remember the name.

There are a few others, but Shipyard used to be the one I would get.


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I think that Blue Moon is the one that my friend was mentioning. I am curious so I might try it. I am sort of obsessed with trying all things pumpkin related in the fall. I will have to see if the grocery store here has singles.


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I have noticed from the few that I have tried the spices tend to work better than the actual pumpkin, this out of like 5 types and only 1 succeeded. I wonder if it has to do with how they are making it?


It is seasonal, at least here where I live, it is made by Blue Moon in what I have seen. The taste is rather good and smooth. However, it is hard to find the beer when you run out because it is popular where I live!