Preservatives in Sauces


I'm a couponer when there is something I need and when I get $1.00 and $1.50 coupons. One company has recently put out sauces to pour over meats and I decided to try it with $1.50 off coupon. However, after I read all the ingredients in this sauce, I put it back on the shelf and left my coupon with it. There were so many things in that sauce I couldn't pronounce, it couldn't be good for you.


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It's funny how some of these products have a long list of ingredients. It makes me laugh when I look at a label and see names that very few people would recognize unless they work in a lab.


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The older I get the more I read the labels. It is sad when you need to take a dictionary to the store with you just to find out what is in the foods you are trying to purchase.


That's a good motto and practice to buy food by the way. If you can't pronounce it, you shouldn't buy it. That's another reason we don't even look at the coupons anymore either. They're all for the big food companies with processed food, which equals garbage. If you can buy all natural or organic on sale. Or, you can always make your own and can it!


I have stopped using most coupons too because they are all for processed food. My husband is in culinary school and the more he learns at school the more we cook at home. The stuff we make tastes better and it is better for you!


My sister lives in Maine and she's really into cooking and canning stuff. She sends us freshly made jellies, jams, and relishes that would knock your socks off! We're trying to help her get them to market because they are fantastic. No garbage in them, no preservatives, just fresh ingredients, prepared with love, and canned right to your door. I can't stand 90% of the jellies and jams on the shelf. All high fructose crap that tastes like, well crap. The few brands I do like, are super expensive.
Allhops, you make an excellent point about high fructose corn syrup. I read up on it one time, and what I learned was enough to scare me away from it for good. It's knocked a number of things that I used to love off my list. Quite wish I could find someone who supplied fresh jams and jellies where I live!


If we keep going at this rate, we'll soon be eating chemicals that contain no actual food. I just don't understand why the more complicated a food is, with a much longer ingredient list, the less expensive it becomes. Pure, unadulterated foods are much more pricey. It's crazy!


I stopped couponing too as I began to eat more whole foods. We began out of necessity, as I had to avoid dairy and soy for awhile, and quickly realized that food tasted better and was healthier for us.