Mead for a wedding


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I made mead for friend of mine. His wedding was all homebrew and instead of champagne we had mead. It was really delicious and really different. Most people had never had mead before that night!


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Your friend's wedding must have been unique in that sense...I guess that the guests would forever remember the event because of the unique wedding drink they had. :) I haven't actually been to a wedding that opts to treat its guests with mead instead of the traditional champagne.


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I have heard of open bars before but you are going the extra mile here. Can I get re-married again and you can send me some too?


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This is a first for me - mead in a wedding? That is a totally brilliant idea and it speaks highly to the "unique" characters of the bride and groom. Now, we could all say that they were "MEAD FOR EACH OTHER". Get it?