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Thirsty Mama

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We have a couple of local winery's in our area and some girlfriends and I are going to take the tour one weekend soon. I understand there is a wine tasting at the end and of course we will all buy some. Has anyone done this before? What should I expect?


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I have been on a few winery tours. It is fun and informative and you get small tastes of several wines. A nice event and it will only take about a hour so you can also add another event to your afternoon.


I lived in Colorado several years ago and enjoyed touring the Coors Brewery in Golden, Co. It is also fun and informative and the best part is the free beer you get at the end. Only one per customer though.


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A friend of mine is trying to talk me into checking out a local arts store that does 3 hour seating for teaching new people how to paint and they also have a wine tasting event tied into it. Seems the husband of the family deals with their winery and the wife is a local artist.

Thirsty Mama

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clarkdart, that is awesome. The winery that I am going to visit has outdoor areas for picinics so we are thinking about taking a picinic lunch and making a day of it. As an aside, I love to be outside on these cool September days.