Leftover wines

I have several partial bottles of red and white wine that were left over from a dinner party. Different people brought wines, so we ended up with these we won't use. I hate just pouring it down the drain. What are some ways to use up your leftover wine so it doesn't go to waste if you don't want to drink it?


Left over wine? OMG. Drink it!! Just kidding. There are all kinds of recipes that call for wine. You could also use it to soak a fruit cake if it's sweet wine. Try mixing it with a lemon lime soda for a nice refreshing beverage. Let us know how you use it.


Oh definitely don't pour it down the drain! If you're not going to drink it, then definitely toss it in some recipes. Or you can even freeze it in ice cube trays even and use for broths/soup bases/sauteeing veggies in, etc, later on. There's no reason to waste it!