Kids and Beer Tours


Would you take your kid on a factory tour of a brewery? Do you think it would be a good learning opportunity, or a bad influence?


Of course if the facility allows it. Teach them to respect these things at a young age. And if they're old enough, they can drive you home afterwards.


Nope I wouldn't take my child on a tour of a beer factory. I would take them to Hershey, PA though for a chocolate factory tour. I don't think kids need to know how to make beer.
I would, I don't see any harm in it. It's a great learning experience who knows they might grow up to own their own brewery or pub.

Beer Snob

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I don't see any harm in showing your children how things are made and the various processes that whether chocolate or even beer go through before it hits the table.


I don't see anything wrong with taking children on a beer factory. You just have to ensure they understand it's an adult beverage and you’re good to go.


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I live roughly 5 minutes away from what used to be a brewery for a major beer company. It has since been sold, and I couldn't tell you who even owns it anymore. At any rate, I probably would not take my kids to a beer factory. They would probably be uninterested, and would rather be touring some other type of plant/company.