Individual Wine Servings

Have you seen the latest in wine purchases? Individual servings in a cute little glass. The ones that I saw were basic red and white wine and ran around $2.50 per glass. I may have to purchase one just to see how it tastes.


I haven't seen that yet. I think it would be great for someone trying to watch their alcohol intake, but for anyone that drinks more than a glass or two every few days, I think it would be a lot more expensive than buying wine by the bottle.
It sure would be ciderchic. I would think it would be more for a party or gathering of sorts. All the ads encourage recycling so the glasses can be used over. They would also be great party favors for the guests to take home.


Oh those are cute, wreckthehalls! You're right - they would make great party favors! I wonder if you could get them cheaper than $2.50 per glass by buying them in bulk? I'm planning a small wedding for August and I'd bet this would be a big hit at the reception!


I saw the concept and initial product on "Shark Tank" last year, and then this season, they had an update on it. The Sharks really have helped this industry take off. It's about time you were able to buy wine by the glass. I do think this is what you're talking about.


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I have yet to see them in stores but I caught a guy the other week on Sharktank who was trying to get investors for this very same idea. I wonder if it is the same guy and he went out on his own with another investor?


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The "Shark Tank" show did an update a while ago on those people who were making the individual wine by the glass. Their business seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. Maybe it will come to my area soon.