Freezer pickles?


A friend of mine says her mother makes her freezer pickles and that they're delicious. I've never heard of freezer pickles and thought they'd be mushy but she says they're nice and crispy. Anyone make these and have a recipe to share?
I have never heard of freezer pickles but I do make refrigerator pickles. They are delicious and crisp. I will have to dig out my recipe and share it with you. I would imagine the freezer pickles are similar.
Here's a link to several freezer pickle recipes. I thought it interesting that some say to freeze only a few days and others don't give a time limit. If you try these brewbaby, let us know how they turn out.


Interesting! I love pickles! I like crisp ones! I am going to try a couple of the recipes listed. I have made pickles before but I pickle them, they aren't made in the fridge or freezer.


I've only seen refrigerator pickles that my parents made, but it makes sense that you could have freezer pickles too. Good luck with the recipes.