Fleischyfresh Baker'S Lager


Charlie Mops wannabe
Staff member

5 lbs. Ireks Munich malt, crushed
1 lb. Ireks light crystal malt, crushed
.5 tsp. gypsum
stirred into 2 gallons cold, purified Toronto tap water in a large
pot on the stove. Heat quickly to 125F, hold for 20 min., then to
150F for 30 min.. Strain into your brewpot, and sparge with 1 gallon
hot water at 170F., Then add:
4 lbs. British DME
.5 lb. brewer's rice syrup
2.5 oz. American Tettnang pellets @ 4.7aau after boil starts (60 min)
1.0 oz. of same hops at 30 min.
0.5 oz. of same at 15 min. with 1/2 tsp irish moss
0.5 oz. same at knockout

Cool quickly, then put into primary fermentor. Add 3 gallons chilled
water to primary, then agitate well.
In a sanitized cup, pour 1/2 cup boiled water cooled to 90-100F, then
add 2 tsp. Fleischmann's Quick-Rise yeast. Cover, then let stand 15-
20 min. or until active.
Pour hydrated yeast into primary, stir well, then apply cover and
airlock and let stand at room temp. until active ( mine takes about
10-12hrs), then ferment at 55 F until fermentation lock bubbles every
2-3 min.
Transfer to 5 gallon secondary fermentor that has 1 tsp. gelatin
dissolved into 1 cup boiled water. Stir carefully, then apply airlock
and place in fridge, starting at 55 F, then cooling slowly over a 1-
week period to 35 F, then allow to lager for 3 weeks (this is a
Bottle with 3/4 cup dextrose and 1 tsp. of same yeast re-hydrated as
above. let stand at room temp. for 2 weeks, then age at 35 F for 3
more weeks.

Starting gravity: 1.055-1.060
Terminal gravity: 1.010-1.015

This was a brainstorm I came up with one night while I was loading my
bread machine....tastes quite like a typical german helles, as I used
only German-type hops and German grains.
Hope you like it; I was blown away!!!!


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