Do you use wine a lot?


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We drink a little bit of wine with our dinner each evening. The wine adds so much to the character of the meal. We do a lot of cooking that includes wine too. Do you use wine a lot?


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We do use wine a great deal, especially in the holiday season. I make beer and my dad makes wine. Between the two of us we are able to supply quite good deal of our holiday requirements. My family is very large, 7 children 12 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. That makes a great many beer and wine drinkers.


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Our family doesn't drink that much wine. We drink more beer and hard cider. I suffer from migraines and red wine gives me violent ones. We do get wine in if we are entertaining because many people expect to be served wine with dinner.


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I drink a glass of red wine after supper. It makes me sleep better. I've read that red wine offers some health benefits. It has antioxidants that prevent cell damage. It is also said to prevent cancer and heart disease. I don't want to overindulge though. I drink wine in moderation.


My family isn't really a wine drinker, but we do have red wine on certain days and special occasions. When we have a special dinner, there is a bottle of wine that completes the set-up.


I do like wine and I make quite a few batches because I prefer unusual wines made from berries or flowers. If I'm out I like to try new wines and my current favourite is a Rose called White Zinfandell.


When my brother comes over at my place or I visit him, our conversation is usually accompanied with a glass of red wine. I don't know how our "ritual' started.:) Also, I use wine for some of my recipes.


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I use wine and sherry all the time in my beef and soup recipes. It's particularly good in a she-crab soup I cook during the holidays. My family requests -- make that demands -- I fix it every year.


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I may do a bottle or two a week. Well, some weeks I do not drink wine at all, so maybe I may average 1 bottle a week over the year. I really need to get around making some more as it is hard for me to find a commercial wine I like. I've been trying a lot of different ones lately as they go on sale, but I have yet to find a great wine.


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We do not use as much as some others do (the wine fanatics in our family) but we are slowly learning. For me its an entirely new cooking experience though.


I do not so much drink the wine that often. However, I do like to cook with the good wine, not the cooking stuff. Then I can have some great taste to my foods and get my wine at the same time!
I drink wine when the meals are special, but for the most part I will use my wine to cook with. Then I do not have to be worried about it going bad on me.


I drink a bottle a week. I don't think that is alot but could be more if I am talking to someone who likes to drink wine more than I do. I also use it cooking.


I really don't. It's actually something I want to do more of in the future, but back when I was doing my most cooking experimentation, I was doing it for kids. And yes, they can appreciate the taste at times, but it's not exactly key flavors I'd be focusing on for children. Some of my favorite dish flavors have come from ones that used wine, though.