Citrus Mead


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Source: Michael Tighe (
Mead Lover's Digest #211, 21 September 1993


10 lbs. honey
Citrus peel
sliced ginger


Make a basic mead with 2 lbs of honey per gallon. Use a clover honey or
a light wildflower honey for this recipe. Just before taking the must
off the boil, add a small amount of sliced ginger (about the size of
one's thumb for a 5-gallon batch) and then add the thinnest peel of
orange skin (about 3/4 of the skin of the orange). Be careful not to
get the white pith of the skin, it leaves a bitter/soapy after-taste.

Let it cool naturally about 3/4 hour (longer for larger batches) and
then remove the ginger and orange peel. Put in a carboy to cool, then
add yeast and let it go for three to six weeks (I usually let it go till
it starts to clear). Bottle, let sit for another week or two (to charge
the bottles) and then chill and serve.


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I'll have to try with an orange. The recipe I generally use involves an entire sliced lemon and 4lbs of honey/gallon. I also "jumpstart" my yeast by feeding it 6oz of domestic beer and a teaspoon of molasses for a day before I brew.


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it did not work out as I planned.. I was hoping to get more strawberry flavor this way but that did not happen.. So will re-think this mead and update when i found a good way