Cinco de Mayo


WOOHOO!!!! One of the drunkest days of the year...I have a case of Tecate ready to go. It is like the Miller High Life of Mexico...ARRIBA!!!!

What does everyone have going on?


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You certainly sound as though you are having fun. If this is a Mexican festival then I expect Tequlia, margaritas, tacos and fajitas are on the menu? Am I right in thinking that it's May 5th?


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I've been sick the past week. So today I took a few beers and did some much needed yard work. May have been a mistake though, feel like falling asleep. But I still have a nursery to finish and a lot of meat to ground up tomorrow. Maybe even make some sausages.


May 5th was also Big Brew. Several of our local homebrewers got together and brewed at our LHBS. BBQ, hombrew, and camaraderie. 86 gallons of beer and mead were brewed.