Canned Tomatoes

Hubby and I were talking about canned tomatoes last night and how we enjoyed eating them as kids. We haven't had any good home canned tomatoes in years so I'm thinking about digging my jars out this year canning a few quarts. Anyone else like home canned tomatoes out there?


We do. I love home canned tomatoes. They make anything you make with tomatoes taste so much better. Once you've had the home canned type, you won't want any of the store bought one.
This year I am expecting a ton of tomatoes from the garden. Would you consider it a good idea to can cherry tomatoes? Also, can you can tomatoes that aren't roma tomatoes?


Only in chili and pasta dishes. My mom opens her cans and eats them plain. Sometimes she pours them over freshly picked green beans. I don't like them that well. I do love adding them to my chili though!
It's about that time wreckthehalls. I have green tomatoes on my vines right now about the size of a 50 cent piece. We can't wait till they get ripe. There's just nothing like a homegrown tomato. Good luck with your canning.