Candy Pizza


Here is a fun little project that I am going to make with my nephew next time he visits me. I think he will love it. I thought I would share with those who have kiddies. I'll have to substitute the coconut with something else since we both hate coconut. Maybe candy sprinkles?

Candy Pizza

Ages: This Project is Suitable For all Ages

Approximate Time Required to Complete This Project: 15 minutes

Materials Needed:

10oz. of mini marshmallows
2 cups of crispy cereal
3 cups of semi-sweet chocolate
1.75 cups of white chocolate
1/2 cup of red and green M&M's
1/4 cup of coconut
Sheet pan
Wax paper


1. Set 1/4 cup of white chocolate aside in a plastic bag

2. Add the rest of the white chocolate to the semi-sweet chocolate. Melt them in the microwave. This may take awhile.

3. Add the crispy cereal and marshmallows to the chocolate and stir.

4. Pour it onto a piece of wax paper and carefully try to shape it into a circle. Let it cool.

5. After it is cooled, arrange the M&M's on top.

6. Sprinkle on the coconut.

7. Finally, take the white chocolate that you put aside, and melt it in the plastic bag; then, squeeze it out from a cut corner in the bag all over your candy pizza. Now you are done.

Enjoy and have fun!
That sounds like a cavity waiting to happen! I might have to make it though one of these days. I am not sure what you could substitute for the coconut, but sprinkles would probably be ok.
It also sounds like a hyper afternoon Stephanie Malloy. All kids should have candy of course, but this sounds a little extreme unless you are going to limit the slices. I know!! Wait until just about time to send him home and then let him have as much as he wants. :p That's mean isn't it?


It can't be any worse than Tiger Butter, or any other candy recipes. Just be sure to limit the size and always brush after a sugary snack, ha-ha! There is always a way to modify and tweak!


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I've copied that to give it a whirl. I've made cookie pizzas, which is fairly similar, only with a sugar cookie base. A rice krispie treat base would be cool to try.


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I got to a pizza place where you buy your pizza and take it home and cook it. They sell a dessert pizza there that has the regular pizza crust and is covered with marshmallows and chocolate bits. I just take it home and cook it.


Everything in moderation right? It sounds really cute and I bet you will have fun making it with him. You probably don't need to replace the coconut - just skip it. My kids are not real candy freaks so I don't think I will try it.