Brooklyn ‘Brewminaries’ Have Homebrewing Down to a Science


Charlie Mops wannabe
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Rachel Zeiss’s Ditmas Park kitchen is positively crammed with equipment. A 10-gallon stainless steel pot sits on the stove, almost touching the underside of the microwave; that, in turn, is hooked up to another large pot on the floor, via a snaking apparatus of tubing I keep losing track of. In between the pots, on a wooden chair in the middle of the room, sits a repurposed orange Gatorade cooler, the kind that gets turned over on proud coaches’ heads—it’s covered, all around its circumference, with stickers. One declares, in instructively bold lettering: “MAKE SOME BEER.”
Zeiss and her husband George are—maybe you guessed it—home beer brewers. Although neither brews for a living, they’re quite serious about it: this isn’t buy-a-kit-at-Whole-Foods-and-see-what-happenshomebrewing. Or, it isn’t anymore, not since they first started in 2014. Since their early forays, brewing has slowly become a lifestyle, and their set-up has suitably come to sprawl across much of their apartment.

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