Big jars of sour pickles


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My husband has gotten so he buys these huge jars of sour pickles from a local wholesale food company. As a result, I have half a dozen of those huge jars I just can't throw away, and he will be buying more in the years ahead. Are these jars suitable for any type of reuse in canning or pickling? What special precautions do you use? Right now, we're saving change in one of them, but we have lots more.


Would you ever can anything in that big of a jar? I only use pint and quart jars. We have used quart jars before with no problems so I bet you could use the jars.


I don't think I would reuse them. It would be iffy whether or not they would hold a seal since they are not made for repeated canning. You could try it, but I wouldn't try more than one or two. There are a lot of crafts you can do with them though. My wife goes through Pinterest all of the time and finds craft ideas. She's after me now to go to the bar and ask them to save her the wine bottles they empty.
Do you ever have yard sales? Put them out at a reasonable price and see what happens. Pinterest is also a great place for ideas like RobertMcC said. I have this same challenge with plastic mayonaise jars. I have way too many of them right now.