Beer tastings?


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I am familiar with tastings where people go to taste all sorts of food from various establishments. I'm sure they have the proper licenses and permissions. What I'm hearing about now is tastings for home brews that are beginning to happen in various communities. Are these legal? What kinds of documents are called for if you're tasting beers and brews made in people's homes?


In most instances, the two things needed are insurance and a beverage license for the day. There can be more necessities, depending on the state/community, such as professional pourers, fenced venue, and security to verify age requirements.


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This must be new in our area because I have never heard about it at all, well to be honest in larger towns I have but we are pretty dinky out here in the neck of the woods. I wonder how the insurance works compared to normal insane insurance for everything else that results in a headache.


My brother brews a huge variety of ales, ciders and wines and he frequently throws a party where the whole street comes to taste. He doesn't bother getting any sort of permit or insurance, because it's a private party in his own home. ;)


If it's a party at your home then there's no need for permits or insurance unless it's so big that you're infringing on zoning laws. Small towns can get away with little fests especially if it's for charity.


I know a couple that likes to host wine and beer tasting parties in their home, but I've never known of a local beer tasting event in this area. Some of the wineries around here do have the wine tasting event, however.
A friend of my has her own wine shop locally. They do wine and beer tasting there almost every weekend complete with hors d'oeu'vres to complement whatever venue they are promoting at the time. You should see the turnout. It's amazing.