Beer sips before you were "of age"


Did your parents or someone else allow you to try alcohol at a young age? What was your reaction to it?

My mom let me have a few sips of beer when I was 9 after being pressured by her friend to let me do so. I found it to be so gross, that I acted like I had passed out!


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I had a taste out of my grandfather's refrigerator. I stole it. I was about 9 at the time. He had set an open can in there, and my cousin dared me to do it. I didn't like it at the time. Sometimes your first impressions are not your last.


I don't think I had any sips before I was well into my teens. My husband's dad gave him a tall boy when he was two. He loved it, drank the whole thing, and promptly passed out. :)


In my family, you fetched beer or made wine coolers for the adults and each had to be "taste tested". Once you were tall enough to reach over the bar, you learned how to make cocktails. By the age of 7, I was making whiskey sours and high balls.


My parents were tee-totalers. No alcohol in the house except for medicinal purposes and then it was "Old Grandad". I had bronchitis as a child and my mom's favoite cure was a teaspoon of sugar with the Old Grandad poured over it. I used to pray not to cough so I wouldn't have to taste that nasty stuff. Boy did I have a lot to learn.


A relative let me have a sip of beer when I was 8 years old and I thought it was so gross (granted, it wasn't good beer). Once I was 16, my parents let me have a little wine at the house now and then, which I enjoyed.


I'm a guy, so you know what's coming. My buds and I coerced an older guy to get us a six-pack from an older friend of his. That was the best of times because we got it. It was also the worst of times because it tasted awful. It was years later before I discovered what good beer tasted like.


Well, my son will be able to say his first drink was at a year old. Hubby didn't realize he could climb up on the kitchen table and left his beer sitting there while he went to the bathroom....what a mess! The next time somebody opened the fridge though little man was standing there trying to grab a beer out of the door. I'm guessing that he liked it!


I had some on several occasions when I was young and then never again was it given to me. They thought it was funny that I could drink beer and whiskey and not get grossed out.

And then comes the story that they still repeat today. We were out checking out some property with my dad (he was a logger) and I was really thirsty. I kept whining and fussing and kept being put off, saying we'd leave soon. Finally my dad got annoyed and thought it'd be funny to hand me booze instead, just to shut me up, assuming I'd spit it out. Instead, I started chugging the fifth of Jack. It scared the crap out of them because there's a history of alcoholism in the family, and if I didn't even wince at drinking that straight and they had to take it away from me, then yeah, no more, lol.


My parents never let us have a sip of beer when we were young, but I know some parents who do allow their children to taste beer. In our family, alcoholic drinks were a big no-no not unless you have reached young adulthood. I had my first beer when I was in university. :)
My parents let me drink alcohol well before I was of age, simply because they wanted to create a mindset that alcohol is no different than any other drink and as such, there's no reason to drink it irresponsibly. They thought that if they let me have a little along the way, I wouldn't go buck-wild at 21, start binge drinking, drinking and driving, or anything else irresponsible. It worked too. ;-) At 21, I didn't have the same, "Oh my God, let's go party and get wasted!!!" attitude that all my 21-year-old friends had.


I was only allowed a sip of wine...and I hated it.
I thought it was so bitter and the exact opposite of what I thought
it would be.


Well, the sips were not so much sips and parents never knew! I know in high school it was common for people to drink heavily and I was no different. It was a great time, now I just have to keep my kids from doing it!


I have let my kids try different wines and beers. I saaid try not guzzle. I often cook with wine and I feel that they need to try all the ingredients of a recipe. I am not a huge drinker and my husband doesn't drink at all. I see no harm in it at all. I have found that denying kids things makes them want it all the more. I generaly don't offer it but when they ask if they can try it I give them a sip.
I was allowed to take a few sips as well. I cringed because it was awful. I've never really been the beer type still to this day but I sometimes like to drink a cold one with my pizza!