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  1. clarkdart

    Shipping what you make?

    We paid for gift wrapping over the holidays for non-baked goods and they were still tore up when our friends received their gifts. I was thinking when it comes to drinks or even baked goods the packaging would have to be extreme.
  2. clarkdart

    Lost Girl

    Has anyone here seen this show before? We only catch it every once in a while but the newest episode had George Takei in it as a snake man who I just thought was great in his role. I love seeing him pop into random shows.
  3. clarkdart

    Shipping what you make?

    I know that sometimes those aboard in the military receive home baked goods but how exactly do you ship what you make? Even if you are making something that has already been dehydrated how do you package it?
  4. clarkdart

    More Energy Consumption?

    I am not sure but I would think so due to the size. Even when we use our oven for simple things to warm up it seems like it takes a great deal of energy to set it up. I wish the oven could be fixed kind of like the CFL light bulbs are better than the old fashion ones. We need something like that...
  5. clarkdart

    Christmas Clean-up

    wild that is how we do it too. We ended up getting into a massive fight during the "putting the tree up stage" and we almost canceled the holiday because of it. After that we decided the only thing I do is haul things from the attic, bring the tree in to set it in the stand and haul it away.
  6. clarkdart

    Wine bottle stoppers

    I thought you only needed those if you planned to keep the bottle for a long time span. If that is true how long should you wait before you get a vacuum pump?
  7. clarkdart

    Wine bottle stoppers

    We have always given stainless as gifts in the past but we don't actually own any. My sister-in-law swears by ones like this and I am not sure how well they work but being that cheap you might be able to get a pack to see how they pan out.
  8. clarkdart

    It's really cold out!

    Be happy for 30, we are looking at 30 if we are lucky but right now we are at 17. That is better than how the morning started but still it is to cold to go play outside which is a bummer.
  9. clarkdart

    Where do you get grapes?

    How hard is it to setup a grapevine? We thought about this not just for wine but for the grapes too. It is one of those tings that comes into the house and goes out of it within a day or so, having a full supply would be great.
  10. clarkdart

    New Years

    Sounds like after working a schedule like that you need some recovery time. We stayed in for the holiday, the weather was horrible. Today it is 25 out and when it gets that cold I expect snow or ice on the ground.
  11. clarkdart


    Jen that might work. We are trying to see if there is anything we can gather up for someone who has been hunting his eyes out. wild, it is not for me but I would taste test it, who passes up a free drink? The Grand Cru ratings I have come across are pretty high but I am not sure if the first...
  12. clarkdart

    Post Christmas deals

    We have picked up a few things but mostly they have all been ordered online. We tried to head out for local deals but there was just no comparison. Either local places did not have the item in stock or we needed two and they only had one.
  13. clarkdart

    Christmas Clean-up

    Just getting the gifts organized was a task. We took all of the trash and recycle out this evening and it took us both two trips. Our tree will be up until after the 1st so I am not even worried about that right now.
  14. clarkdart


    Does anyone have a recipe that would be close to the original? A friend is moving in from out of state and he can not get enough of the stuff. Years ago he worked abroad and fell in love with the stuff.
  15. clarkdart

    So warm out - doesn't look like Christmas

    It was about forty or so today but the winds are just not giving up. I really hope that we either get some snow soon or it warms back up for good. I can not keep the flip flop weather that is going on, it is making my head spin.
  16. clarkdart

    Christmas tree lightings

    New York would be a great place to visit but I hate trying to deal with a crowd of that size, it just seems too overwhelming. Get me in a crowd of 100 and I worry, with NYC style street parties I am sure that I would go insane.
  17. clarkdart

    Brewing Statutes

    Anybody follow the news around the brewing laws or do you only look it up when you are worried about something? Does anyone know if the legalization is active in all states yet or not?
  18. clarkdart

    Christmas ornaments

    We are doing this for a friend who wanted them as she has never had any before. Now for us this weekend we need to go out and actually buy more decorations. We set the tree up and thought we had everything, come to find out two big boxes are missing. We have no clue where the lost items wander...
  19. clarkdart

    Ancient wine cellar discovered

    Archeologists always surprise me, it does not mater what they find I just love when they find stuff. We learn so much from things of our past and it proves (or disproves) many common things. I guess I am just a history nerd.
  20. clarkdart

    Storing wine

    We are not really wine drinkers here, if any wine comes into the house it is drank that night normally so there are no leftovers. My mother-in-law is thinking about getting something like this, anyone know if it is good or not?