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  1. Allhops

    Fall finales!

    I don't know, I haven't seen Blacklist yet but it seems a little lame to me. I might just be getting tired of cop shows in general. It seems to me that's all that's on anymore besides reality shows!
  2. Allhops

    More Energy Consumption?

    Oh yeah, the oven most certainly does use a lot more energy. Take into account all the preheating time for the oven to get it to the right temperature. I would not want to waste all that gas or electric for dehydrating foods.
  3. Allhops

    Do you own an espresso machine?

    I totally hear you Helen. I was just talking this over with someone the other day. We were flipping the channels and caught that Ninja cooker on QVC the other day. It's like, "How many gadgets am I supposed to have on my counter?! I have no more room!"
  4. Allhops

    Shipping what you make?

    I second that emotion too Helen. You really have to fill the box so whatever you are shipping, doesn't shift around and get bopped all around during the transit. We like using air bags like Amazon does. Less messy than Styrofoam peanuts.
  5. Allhops

    Christmas Clean-up

    Wow, yes ours is up in the attic now. But we didn't put up that many decorations this year. Not as much as we usually do anyway. Only 11 months to go until Christmas now!
  6. Allhops

    New Belgium Brewing, Two Beers Brewing & Seattle Cider Company Collaborate on GRAFF(T)

    Check this out, I thought it was pretty cool! These two different companies are going to collaborate and create a graff (t) beer. I have never had one of these types of beers but it sounds interesting.
  7. Allhops

    Wild Grapes

    Wow, I wish I had some wild grapes around here! It's not the right time of year for them either but that would be so cool. I could be making my own wine in no time!
  8. Allhops

    It's really cold out!

    Haha! Well, looks like we are about to join you by tonight! It's going to be 8 degrees tonight and tomorrow morning. It will be negative with the wind chill, and it is already windy! Brrr!
  9. Allhops

    It's really cold out!

    It's really cold out, and it's going to get colder! The high here today is 33, and at night it's in the 20's. I'm not a huge fan of this type of weather unless I have a nice hot fireplace to keep warm. At least I escaped the snow, unlike the north east! Hehe.
  10. Allhops

    Wine bottle stoppers

    I don't know, we have a manual pump thingy and it has mediocre results. I really like this one I saw on Shark Tank a while back. It was originally named the Wine Balloon, but they changed it to Air Cork. Probably because the name was confusing and didn't sound that appealing.
  11. Allhops

    Homemade Applesauce

    Yeah Helen, that's exactly the reason many people don't make it at home! I tend to only make things that I get a high value of gratification for. For me, applesauce does not really hold that value at all. I can buy a store brand that's all natural and tastes fantastic. @BrewJen, Good for your...
  12. Allhops

    Chocolate Sauce

    Yes, I totally agree with you about the sugar! I am going to do about 1 and 1/2 cups of sugar next time as I don't need it that sweet. But, I will say that it is very good. Another tip I will mention is, use a double boiler next time. I almost had the thing boiling over on me a few times! Trust...
  13. Allhops

    Chocolate Sauce

    So I wanted a chocolate sauce to make mocha lattes with. I didn't buy any from Amazon because I wanted to make sure everything was good first. Then, I came across this chocolate sauce recipe! I will say that you can probably do a little less sugar depending on how sweet you want it. It does...
  14. Allhops

    New Years

    I remember one year I did something like that and it was spectacular. Another thing to do if you're in the city, is get up to a rooftop and watch the fireworks from there. The views are awesome, and you can even bring a drink with you!
  15. Allhops

    Post Christmas deals

    No, I have not been out yet. I have been checking the Old Navy and Banana Republic websites for deals but I'm sorely disappointed. I got all these gift cards I want to use but the discounts aren't really there. I might have to drag my butt down to the outlet stores!
  16. Allhops

    Fall finales!

    Yeah, it's usually like this for a certain reason. People are out and about running around visiting family. We have just been watching Christmas movies and I can't deny it, they are fun!
  17. Allhops

    Christmas drink traditions

    I dont' really have any Christmas drink traditions. But now I'm thinking we should start one soon! Hmm, maybe a hot coffee with liqueur or something. Now I'm gonna go scour the internet for something good!
  18. Allhops

    Where do you get grapes?

    So I was thinking about doing my own wine but I'm not sure where to get the grapes. Do you order them from a wholesaler or something? I'm not looking to order a pallet or anything.
  19. Allhops

    Christmas tree lightings

    I used to think that too until when I lived in an apartment, I had some carolers come around our building and sing to us! They stopped at each and every door on Christmas Eve. It made me feel all warm and stuff!
  20. Allhops

    Brewing Statutes

    Wow, that doesn't surprise me but I still thought it happened decades ago! I can't wait to see how long marijuana legalization takes! :) I guess I'm just glad that I live in a state that allows me to brew my own stuff.