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    Specialty Brand

    Since I'm the only one in the house that drinks coffee, I usually go somewhere like Starbucks for a special treat. We also have a Blue Moose in our area that serves much the same things as Starbucks. My favorite is a caramel frappuccino with chocolate drizzle. Without the calories of course.
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    Crocheting Resources

    No, but thanks for the tip. I usually just "Google" whatever I decide to make and choose from the different patterns that I find. Do you have any favorite patterns that you would share? I'm always looking for new things to crochet.
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    Drying Bananas

    I have just been using my dehydrator oldieg. The ones you buy in the store are always so crisp and sweet. I can't help but think they have been treated or dipped in something to help preserve them. Let me know what you find out.
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    Drying Bananas

    Has anyone out there ever tried to dry bananas? Every time I try, they come out tough and chewy. There must be some trick I'm missing. Any advice will be helpful.
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    Is mead similar to beer?

    Thanks for all that good information Wild. I had some of the same questions about mead and have meant to see if our local liquor store carries it. Sounds like a good weekend project.
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    Moscato is something I drank when I was just learning to drink. Today it is definitely too sweet for my taste. I might entertain a glass with desert but that's about all. Good luck corked. Let us know how yours turns out.
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    What to do with pumpkin

    Have you tried pumpkin bread? It's called bread but it tastes like cake and it's delicious. I make loaves of the stuff every Christmas and give it for gifts. Pumpkin is also good for you.
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    Zevia is a new zero calorie soda with no artificial sweeteners. Has anyone tired this? Our local grocery stores are not carrying this product yet and I'm curious to know how it tastes. Anyone?
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    Pickled Eggs

    My kids love them and yes, I have made them before. Some one here said they use pickle juice to make their pickled eggs. I had not thought of using them in tuna, macaroni or potato salad. That's a good idea. Thanks!
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    Sore as heck!

    I'm glad you have nice clean floors but sorry that you are sore. Have you tried a nice hot bath with some lavender? I find that helps me when I've done something out of the ordinary and end up with sore or tight muscles.
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    cloudy jelly

    Did you strain the juice before you added sugar and poured it in the jars? Sometimes the meat of the plum is hard to get out. Try straining it through some cheese cloth next time and see if that won't help.
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    Instant Coffee

    I can't afford a Krueger coffee maker yet so I continue to buy instant. That afternoon cup of coffee while I'm still at work keeps me going. The brand I've been buying lately just doesn't do anything for me. What's your favorite brand of instant coffee?
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    Bubbles in the finished product

    The knife trick is one that every good canner knows. Also, if the jar comes unsealed, toss it out. It's better to be safe than end up with botulism.
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    Fall is in the air

    Where are you Stephanie? We're not quite as hot as wild but we're still in the 90's. I would welcome some cooler weather right now. It's hot here and the humidity is about 100%. :confused:
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    I'll bet this was the recipe she used only with chopped figs rather than raisins. Thanks for the tip. I'd much rather do something like this than make preserves. I'll bet I could freeze these too.
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    I have a ton of figs that I need to do something with. Does anyone have any favorite fig recipes they would care to share. I found one for fig preserves, but I'd like to have others. Thanks.
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    To blanch or not...

    Yes, I do. Blanching stops the ripening process and kills any unwanted bacteria that may still be there even after freezing. I have frozen corn both ways. If you're trying to save freezer space, off the cob would be better.
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    Reusing pickle juice

    What a great idea Helen. I usually just pour mine down the drain or one of the kids will drink it. I know. Ewewewe! I don't know why they like to drink the stuff but they do. I'll save it from now on and use it in cooking. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Scrap Rug

    I've done the same thing with plastic bags masksis. It was actually just an experiment to see how long the rug would last. Surprisingly, it has lasted almost a year now, outside, in the weather. There will be others on the horizon because of their durability.
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    Pickled Oysters

    I was watching Iron Chef America last week and one of the chefs served pickled oysters. I couldn't even begin to think what this would taste like. Have any of you ever had these before?