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  1. Nicky


    Does anyone here have rain barrels? After the amount of rain we've been getting this year, I thought of buying a few and attaching soaker hoses to the bottom. Seems like it would be a good way to keep the lawn watered during the times we don't get a lot of rain.
  2. Nicky


    With the news of a recent beef recall, I started thinking. Why do we never hear of Barley recalls? I know it's part of the grass family, but can't Barley get infested to where it's unusable?
  3. Nicky

    Spanish Train Conducter

    My imagination is getting the best of me. They're saying the conductor of the train that crashed in Spain isn't cooperating with authorities. I'm wondering why. Why do you think he isn't talking?
  4. Nicky

    Microburst Storms

    Has anyone got caught in one these before? They're like a small, quick and not so powerful tornado. The aftermath of one those things is something else.
  5. Nicky

    Mick Jagger The Teacher

    On the radio the other day, the DJ was talking about what Mick Jagger told an interviewer recently. Basically, that if he had the opportunity, he would like to pursue his first career choice, the one he wanted to do before he started playing music, of being a teacher. That kind of surprised me...
  6. Nicky

    Is This Even Possible?

    Here's one for all you experienced "jammers" out there. Do you think it's possible to make vanilla flavored jam? Don't ask me why, but I thought it would be good to know.
  7. Nicky

    Coffee For Camping

    If you go out camping for 2 or 3 days, what kind of coffee do you bring with you? I always take instant with no cream and less sugar than usual.
  8. Nicky

    19 Firefighters Dead In One Day

    I'm sure you've heard the news by now. 19. That's a heck of a lot to be taken out by one wildfire at the same time. They were hot-shots too. The best of the best. It's a sad day in Prescott Az. right now.
  9. Nicky


    Unless you live in a cave, you've heard about the NSA and all the surveillance they've been doing. Now the EU wants their head on a stick because they've been monitoring them too. What is with the NSA? They seem to have real issues.