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    Drying Bananas

    Has anyone out there ever tried to dry bananas? Every time I try, they come out tough and chewy. There must be some trick I'm missing. Any advice will be helpful.
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    Zevia is a new zero calorie soda with no artificial sweeteners. Has anyone tired this? Our local grocery stores are not carrying this product yet and I'm curious to know how it tastes. Anyone?
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    Instant Coffee

    I can't afford a Krueger coffee maker yet so I continue to buy instant. That afternoon cup of coffee while I'm still at work keeps me going. The brand I've been buying lately just doesn't do anything for me. What's your favorite brand of instant coffee?
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    I have a ton of figs that I need to do something with. Does anyone have any favorite fig recipes they would care to share. I found one for fig preserves, but I'd like to have others. Thanks.
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    Pickled Oysters

    I was watching Iron Chef America last week and one of the chefs served pickled oysters. I couldn't even begin to think what this would taste like. Have any of you ever had these before?
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    Cinnamon Schnapps

    During the winter, we like to keep a little cinnamon schnapps around just to keep warm on those cold nights. So far, the favorite is Aftershock. What's your favorite and how do you drink it?
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    Jelly/Jam Making Time

    It's that time of year again. The plums are getting ripe, the blueberries are about to be ripe and the peaches aren't far behind. I make several kinds of jelly during the summer but this year, I've found the price of jars and lids have gone way up. Have you found this as well?
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    I just found a great step by step website for beginning brewers. It's like the manual for someone that doesn't have a clue. I wonder how many have used something like this to start?
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    Wine Tasting

    Have you ever been to a wine tasting? One of our local wineries makes this offering on a regular basis. All of their wines are wonderful and I always come home with several bottles. The wine never seems to taste the same at home though. Do you have any idea what could be different?
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    Popularity of "Making Your Own."

    I just read a piece in the newspaper this past weekend about the popularity of home brewing. It seems the government is trying to get involved in this by putting regulations on the purchases of home brew supplies. Anyone else read this?
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    Blue Moon Sample Pack

    Have you tried this yet? I love Blue moon and just yesterday found this sampler pack. It contains regular blue moon, agave brew, rounder, and blackberry. Haven't tried the blackberry yet, but the others are oustanding. :)
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    Nectar of the Gods

    During Christmas this year, I ended up in the doctor's office with an ulcer. Diagnosis? No alcohol for at least three months. :mad: I had a beer or two along but none of my favorite wine. Last night, I had my first glass in 3 months and let me tell you how wonderful it was. I really could...
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    Victory Gardens

    Do any of you know the history of victory gardens? After reading the definition , it only makes sense that we will see more and more home gardens this year. Not to relieve the war effort but to feed the family. The price of groceries is out of sight. Are you planning a garden?
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    Job Stress

    My job seems to be getting more and more stressful. I'm trying to figure out if it's just me or the mountain of extra work that's been piled one me. Right now I'm headed home to unwind with a good brew and next week it'll start all over. How do you beat the stress at work?
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    Hot Jalapenos

    Between me and my neighbor, we ended up with many, many jalapenos last summer. Rather than can them, we cut them up, put in jars and covered with pure vinegar. All winter now, we have been eating those peppers on nachos, sandwiches and beans. They sure are good!!! We're looking forward to...
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    Beer Tasting

    I was invited to a beer tasting party this past weekend. Cheese, chocolate, blues music and lots of homebrew beer was the fare. I have never tasted so many great home brewed beers before. My favorite was "apple pie" beer. It really did taste like an apple pie without the sweetness. If you...
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    Wine of the year

    I have been reading more about wines and tasting more wine in the last year or so and have found they rate the top 10 wines every year. The 2012 winner is a red wine called relentless. I would like to try this wine but I'm a chardonnay drinker at heart. What's your favorite?
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    Yeast Education

    I need some help understanding the differences in yeast. This past Christmas, I made several loaves of bread, some of which didn't rise like they should have. My yeast packets were in date. Just last week, I bought more yeast packets with a more recent date, and the bread came out...
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    Proper Equipment

    A friend of mine has just brewed her first batch and posted the pictures on face book. Some of the inventions she had to come up with due to improper equipment are hilarious. The most recent picture was this huge container of fermenting liquid sitting down in a cooler of ice because she didn't...
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    Butterscotch Schnapps

    I received a bottle of butterscotch schnapps for my birthday this year and wondered where this drink has been all my life. I love it. It's sweet, smooth, powerful and warms my bones. You ever had any? What do you think?