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    Wild's Irish Red Rye (EG)

    Another good recipe from wild. Well done sir. This is a very good site for reference material, I must say. My bucket list does include working at least one brewing recipe.
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    It’s Beer-Thirty

    I wonder if there were enough problems with previous events that they had to cancel. Sometimes that happens when you have a lot of alcohol floating around.
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    Skittles vodka

    That search bar comes in handy doesn't it Wild? Something tells me that the people who make Skittles didn't rally have this use in mind when they invented it. That's the thing about Vodka though it seems, everyone is always concocting new flavors.
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    Avocado Wine?

    Intriguing isn't the word I would've used. That doesn't sound very appealing at all. Kind of like hamburger flavored ice cream. Some things you just shouldn't mix together.
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    Back to School Time!

    I know most parents are probably looking forward to it. Some of the kids who live in the rural areas probably are too because it gives them a chance to socialize more.
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    Does anyone here have rain barrels? After the amount of rain we've been getting this year, I thought of buying a few and attaching soaker hoses to the bottom. Seems like it would be a good way to keep the lawn watered during the times we don't get a lot of rain.
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    I Keep Trying Chai Tea

    It's funny how a company can take different ingredients to make the same flavor,and have the flavors come out slightly different. Take a flavor you like and try different brands until you latch onto what you like.
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    Lughnasadh Loaf

    Earth based rituals have always interested me. I seem to find a certain comfort in nature that I can't find in the hustle and bustle of modern life.
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    Moving out of State

    That's a good link that wild put up. I would also make sure you have a job waiting for you. Not just a prospect, but a job that has already hired you. People do it all the time. In this economy you have to take work where you can find it.
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    With the news of a recent beef recall, I started thinking. Why do we never hear of Barley recalls? I know it's part of the grass family, but can't Barley get infested to where it's unusable?
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    Digging potatoes

    Loose soil sounds reasonable. Genetics makes sense too. I like mine on the large side, so I think I'll go from there. Thanks for the tip.
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    Watermelon Wine

    No, but that sounds interesting. The first thing that came to mind was, it be a kind of citrus taste but not quite. I like the idea of a light tasting wine. Kind of like a clear cola versus the traditional dark cola's.
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    My mystery garden

    Most gardens are very organized by row and stakes signifying what is there. A "mystery garden" is kind of cool because you have to wait and see what's going on.
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    Chocolate Wine?

    Raspberry wine sounds good, but chocolate? Not so much so. Sorry, but that combination just doesn't sound very appealing. to me. Chocolate ice cream, sure. But not wine.
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    Spanish Train Conducter

    My imagination is getting the best of me. They're saying the conductor of the train that crashed in Spain isn't cooperating with authorities. I'm wondering why. Why do you think he isn't talking?